The Book – a poem by Ann Burgess

This poem struck a cord with me so on a whim I thought I would share it with the kind permission of the author Ann Burgess.

The Book

With each stroke of the pen
With each line typed in
With the imaginations growing
My life begins and I am born.
I come alive with every word
Whether it be truth or something
With every reader my life goes on
Through the years I live.
Sometimes upon book shelves I gather dust.
But my waiting I hope won’t be too long.
Someone will find me and open my world
To discover my hates, loves and song.
Once more I am born.
In thoughts of children, women and men
My character will love again.
I am the hero, the villain the friend
I am the one that kept you till the end
I made you cry and made you laugh.
I took you into the future or carried you
Into the past.
I shall live on until the world dies.

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