Swords and Sorcery Source Giveaway

It’s here!

I think you’ll love this – the type fantasy book giveaway I’ve wanted to participate in for almost a year that swords and sorcery fans are already finding on Facebook. I have organised the Swords and Sorcery Source Giveaway.

Tap the image above or the link below to discover free books and samples:

Swords and Sorcery Source Giveaway hosted by instaFreebie

The giveaway is open now and there is no planned end date. Be sure to check back often as new books and samples will arrive all the time. Don’t miss out on what takes your fancy as authors can withdraw their books whenever they like, although most should remain available for at least 3 months.

Join other swords and sorcery fans and authors to share what you like about these books in the Facebook readers group:


When new books are added to the giveaway they will be announced in this Facebook group.

Happy reading!

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