Magic Through the Ages: An event for fantasy readers


6 May at 10:0022:00 US MDT (check your timezone here)

I will be online 10pm to 11pm UK time, 3pm to 4pm US MDT.

To celebrate the release of the new novella, The Fall of an Overlord, by Kevin Potter, we have 19 fantasy authors (ranging from dark and epic fantasy to urban fantasy and everything in between) who will be around to hang out, answer questions, and give away some awesome books.

All authors involved have at least one book available during the event for 99c or less!

Come join us for a day of great conversation, awesome giveaways, and if luck holds, a bit of insight and a few sneak peaks into their writing worlds, methods, and some extra backstory behind the characters, plots, and settings you love.


Richard A. Bamberg
“Wanderers 2: Apprentice”

Christine Church
“Beyond Every Mirror”

Meg Cowley
“The Tainted Crown”

Susan Faw
“Seer of the Soul”

Adrian G Hilder
“General’s Legacy”

KK Jacobs

Julianne Kelsch
“A Dance of Crystal and Flame”

Alisha Klapheke
“Waters of Salt & Sin”

JT Lawrence
“Grey Magic”

Russ Linton
“Pilgrim of the Storm”

M.M. Perry
“Whom the Gods Hate”

Kevin Potter
“The Fall of an Overlord”

Kylie Quillinan

Sandra Seymour
“Breed: Slayer”

Lydia Sherrer
“Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus”

Jack Simmonds
“Alfie Brown: The Boy with Purple Eyes (Who Discovered He Could Do Magic)”

Cameron Wayne Smith
“The Holtur Enigma”

S.C. Stokes
“When The Gods War”

Steve Turnbull

See you there!

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