13 is my lucky number

So today I will tell you – it is 13 days to go until The General’s Legacy – Part Two: Whiteland King is released


I was born on the 13th of the month so I’ve never feared the number 13 (not that I’m superstitious anyway) so I have chosen 13 days to go to share a little more with you about The General’s Legacy – Part Two: Whiteland King including the book description.

Members of Adrian’s Fantasy Readers Group on Facebook (feel free to visit and click Join) have already seen the book description that follows:

Dendra Castle is under siege by an army that never sleeps and time is running out.
Prince Cory resolves to lead a black operation right to King Klonag’s throne to do what was forbidden for his grandfather – end the reign of the Whiteland King.
To conquer a Kingdom, Cory leads just thirty Special Operators, the Silver Warrior, the Archmage of Valendo and his daughter with questionable battle magic ability and the Scout Commander who is rarely in sight.
Is this a desperate fool’s quest?
Or has Zeivite truly come up with a plan to defeat Magnar and the ‘dead mage’ with his limitless magic?
Even Cory does not know.

One way or another, the decades-long war between Valendo and Nearhon must end. Klonag has more pieces to move in this game of war, and Princess Julia is one them. And if she does not cooperate? There are worse fates than death when dealing with Klonag and Magnar, and more than one way to ensure her… unfailing obedience.

The General’s Legacy – Part Two: Whiteland King is the second book in The General of Valendo series that concludes the enthralling story of The General’s Legacy. The stakes escalate, revelations come, and even the souls of the ancestors gather over the Whitelands to witness the epic conclusion that is sure to thrill.

If you want your fantasy action-packed, laced with mystery and running a pace that refuses to let you put it down – The General’s Legacy delivers.

A number of readers have told me they can’t wait for Whiteland King and this gets a mention in the Amazon reviews for Inheritance.

Release day is February 28th, 2017 and although you will not see it on Amazon until that date it is becoming available for pre-order on other bookstores. More stores could appear at any moment, but I see iBooks and Barnes and Noble right here – books2read.com/tgov2.

More soon.

Happy reading!

PS. If you haven’t read The General’s Legacy – Part One: Inheritance yet all you have to do is click the orange button to get it sent to your email inbox:


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