Character profile: The old General Garon Allus Artifex Dendra


King-consort and general of the Valendo (map) army came from humble beginnings as the son of the master engineer and proprietor of the Artifex Ship Building company in the port city of Haliford.

I imagine a teenaged Garon skimming stones and not knowing what to do with is life before his father convinces him to apprentice in the ship building yard. Here Garon learns from his father what it is like to be a leader – to not have all the skills required to get the job done and declare “my ship is built” when a new creation is launched into the waves with a new captain at the helm.

Murder and intrigue arises as one of the first scouts of the Kingdom of Nearhon attempt to spy on building techniques and disrupt the construction a new class of warship.

Garon becomes enmeshed in the plot and eventually kills for the first time – the Nearhon scout is no more. Realising adventure is in his blood, he leaves his father’s company and begins life as a mercenary. He soon comes to lead his gang of mercenaries and when the population rises up in rebellion against their dogmatic and uncaring King Jeremiah, Garon is called on to lead the People’s Army of Valendo.

Complications arise due to his romantic entanglement with an aristocratic girl he only knows as “Am”. She disappears before the battle begins and the rest of this back story is revealed as part of The General’s Legacy. It heralds the beginning of the 30 year war between Nearhon and Valendo that Garon is destined to never end. That task shall fall to his protege and grandson, Prince Cory.

To show how big the boots young Prince Cory must one day fill are, The Generals Legacy begins with Garon’s last battle in Beldon valley:


2 thoughts on “Character profile: The old General Garon Allus Artifex Dendra

  1. I had trouble trying to leave a review so I am forwarding it to you.
    The General’s Legacy
    By: Adrian G. Hilder

    This amazing story begins with a very detailed story of an old King, General Garon Allus Artifex-Dendra, who fights a fabulous battle to protect his kingdom in a prologue before the actual story begins. With the help of his head mage Zeivite, together they conquer an army with six “Rippers” whose claws were the size of a man and who ate their soldiers or spread fire to burn their flesh. They had been summoned by their enemy who wanted to conquer the kingdom. Magnar, an enemy mage, had summoned these evil creatures from some place dark and evil. As the battle plays out thousands of men were slaughtered but the kingdom remained intact.
    Prince Cory opens the tale as a young man who is trained by his grandfather to become a soldier and a diplomat. Cory is actually the youngest of three brothers, but he was the one chosen by his grandfather to become the legacy and protector of the throne.
    Cory finds love with the niece of his enemy, Julia and they have many adventures together. His grandfather dies and Cory is left to later defend the kingdom again by the same enemy who still wants the kingdom.
    I do not want to spoil the story for others readers because it was so good! This is an enticing, exciting and fast-paced read and I cannot wait to see the outcome in part 2. This novel was a gift to read from Goodreads in exchange for a review. The second part comes out February 28, 2017 and I hope I get to complete the journey. Thank you for your story.


    Roberta Crisp

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