Is a fantasy novel truly complete without a map?

The Kingdoms of Valendo, Emiria and Nearhon

[Post updated November 22nd, 2016]

The General’s Legacy story opens with the prolog where the old general is lying on a rock ledge above Beldon Valley just north of Dendra Castle that you can see in the center of this map.

I have ambitions to produce a colour version for this website that covers a larger area of the world than this map. It has been cropped from the original drawing so that it is the right size for a Kindle / Kobo / Nook / Tablet screen with text labels still readable.


6 thoughts on “Is a fantasy novel truly complete without a map?

  1. Of course, fantasy novels need maps. 🙂 I love maps in the books I read and refer to them frequently. Having larger colorful versions on the web is a great supplement to the smaller black and white versions in the book.


    • I am planning on having a color version of the map covering a wider geographic region that what we are able to fit on a Kindle screen and still have text labels visible. As always, it is a question of time and priorities as I try to hit November 30th, 2016 for release my debut fantasy novel.
      Thanks for dropping in to comment 🙂

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  3. Some of Joe Abercromby’s fantasy books don’t have maps, like the First Law series. At first I thought it was interesting and left it to imagination, but on looking back it always felt like something was missing. A map would have been great, especially since he lacks in the world building department. I love fantasy maps and find myself glancing back at them often.


  4. My map skills are so terrible that I didn’t include a map with my fantasy trilogy, but wish I had. I say upload it! If I ever do a second edition/reprint of my trilogy, I’ll get someone I know with some artistic skills to turn my crazy chicken scratches into something presentable.

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