The General’s Legacy – Editing progress

Back in June 2016 I posted about The General’s Legacy – first editing feedback where I included a quote “A lady author once wrote on her blog that having your first novel edited is more painful than childbirth – and you soon forget the pain of childbirth.”
The editing of The General’s Legacy has come a long way since then.  As some will know the story is split into Part 1: Inheritance due November 2016  followed by Part 2: Whiteland King soon after (February 2017 is the target).  This has been done so that my first published book (Part 1) can be produced at a low enough price that readers will be more prepared to take a chance on from an author they do not know.
One of the followers of this blog, an author himself, commented: “The editor for my novel was more like a comrade-in-arms—worked with me—explained things well…”.  I’m delighted to say this has turned out to be my experience.  Part 1: Inheritance is close to completion for editing and proofreading.  The professionally designed book cover should be available early September.  Editing for Part 2: Whiteland King is also well underway.
I keep the Books page of this site up to date with progress indicators.I have had more time on my hands recently and managed to catch up on providing feedback to my editor.  That means I have finally got some time to continue planning and outlining four more stories in The General of Valendo series.  I aim to start drafting the next book by the beginning of National Novel Writing Month.  This is an annual event in November that challenges authors to write 50,000 words within one month – get that first draft down faster.  I doubt I can make the time for 50,000 words, but I intend to see how close I can get.

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