Where The Heck Do Writers Find Their Characters?

Even though I never talk to the characters in my stories and they never talk to me, I do have to oddest feeling that they are living out a life while I’m not watching. Within the story I am writing at the time, they certain do decide how they are going to act and what they will say for the situation I put them in.
Here is a reposting of another blog post about the relationship between writers and their characters…

Notes from An Alien

Does that title seem naive—overly simplistic—maybe, misdirected?

Well, anyway, some characters are found in history—some are borrowed from history—some are family or friends—some, somewhat disguised family or friends

Then there are the characters composed from bits of all those sources.

And, while there’s nothing wrong with “borrowing” characters or parts of them (as long as due consideration is given to “making them ‘come to life’ in the plot”), there are many characters out there that are new creations.

Perhaps I should quote a bit of my previous post, What’s The Relationship Between A Writer & Their Characters?:

“…writers have characters. Where do writers get those characters? Why do so many writers talk about their characters as if they were real? And, even more amazing, how in the world could an otherwise rational writer say, with heart-felt conviction, that one of their characters made them change what they intended to…

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