The General’s Legacy – first editing feedback

A lady author once wrote on her blog that having your first novel edited is more painful than child birth – and you soon forget the pain of child birth.

Was she trying to say you never forget the pain of receiving editing feedback on your first book?

I am about to find out as I have received editing feedback for the first quarter of The General’s Legacy. Wish me luck…

2 thoughts on “The General’s Legacy – first editing feedback

  1. The editor for my novel was more like a comrade-in-arms—worked with me—explained things well…

    Thing is, you don’t have to do everything an editor suggests—though, I’m sure you know that 🙂


    • The reality is, I’m not finding the editing “painful” at all. Sure, there are some changes and cuts where I’m forced to admit to myself it is a “darling” I need to kill (I’m sure you’ve come across Steven King’s advice on killing your darlings).
      There are some places where the reading flows better now and I would never have made the change without the push from the editor.
      And then there are a few places where I don’t accept the change, but I justify it in my mind first.
      The first chapter (now called prologue) is done. It was hard to edit – that battle scene at the start.


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