Ground Hog Day – another 9 step story breakdown

Protagonist: Phill Conners – Inner Demon – self centred and cynical

1. Hook

Travelling to Punxsutawny, Phill is quickly shown to not like the assignment and the weather reports say to expect snow – he might be stuck there for sometime…

2. Set up – Protagonsts life as normal

Groundhog day number 1, Phil is grumpy, unlikable and delivers his report with ill-humour and heads off to skip out of town ASAP following his report.

Bad weather descends meaning they have to stay another night.

3. First Plot Point – Protagonist’s expected plans change – 20%-25%

Phill wakes up and soon realises he is living the same Groundhog day again.

4. Wandering response

Phil is confused and then he takes advantage of the knowledge he has about the day to unfold with unpleasant acts such as theft and seducing women, the days keeps repeating and he tries to learn about Rita in an attempt to woo her but his attempts fail.

5. Pinch point midway through 4. – reminder of what is at stake

With no fear of consequences and knowing the day will continue forever he changes behaviour and starts doing bad things.

6. Mid-point – 50%

Phil becomes despondent and changes behaviour again.

7. Fight back ending with an all hope is lost moment

Phil gives ridiculous reports, kidnaps Punxsutawney Phil, drives off a cliff, continues more attempts at suicide as he has lost hope.

8. Second plot point – Protagonist learns what he needs to know to resolve the story – 75%

Phil tells Rita what is going on, she spends the day with him, she falls asleep with him and he wakes again on Groundhog day alone but her positive outlook inspires him.

9. Resolution

He tries to improve himself and he uses his vast knowledge of the day to help everyone he can.  He learns skills like piano playing, ice sculpting and more.

In the end he befriends almost everyone he meets in the day.  He gets closer to Rita, delivers a brilliant and eloquent report on the Groundhog day.  When he makes an ice sculpture of Rita’s face they kiss and snow falls for the first time on Groundhog day… something just changed and time loop is broken.

Rita stays the night and they wake up to a new day and Rita is still there.

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